Don't wait to Renovate!

We have many clients who come to us when they are getting ready to sell a house. We get it, sometimes remodels get pushed to the backburner when we are living our lives. Before we know it, we are ready to sell and the house is looking a little worse for wear. It's always a shame though, that homeowners often don't get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Here we are going to explore a few reasons you should make your remodeling projects a priority, before you are ready to sell!

1. Less stressful

Often when people wait till they are ready to sell their house to make improvements, they are working on a timeline. In Alaska this can be especially problematic as not as many things are readily available, and it can take several weeks at the least to receive special order items. Working on your home before you're ready to sell allows you a flexible timeline, which means you can order the items you really prefer, and don't have to compromise or stress about a deadline.

2. More cost effective

This brings us to our second point. We all know time is money, this can be especially true in the home improvement industry. On top of extra stress, strict timelines often incur extra cost. Whether it be from expedited shipping or expedited service, generally, if you want it faster, you will pay more. Additionally, if you are working on your own schedule, you can search out more deals and sales which can help bring down costs significantly. Sometimes this will allow you to buy things you might not originally have been able to afford on your budget, or might allow you to splurge somewhere else!

3. Maybe you won't want to move after all!

I can't tell you how many times I've had people comment after a remodel about how they wish they had done it years ago, and now they aren't sure they want to sell! What if the main reason you want a new house is simply because you don't see the potential in the one you have? If you take the time to work on your home, you might just love it more than you thought. If you don't though, it still has a greater resale value than when you started, and that my friends is a win-win!

So maybe it's time to stop procrastinating and put those sledgehammers to work. Just don't go ripping out your kitchen without a plan from Builders Bargains first!


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