Is butcher block really right for YOUR kitchen?

Alaskans tend to like their things and homes to be like them, hardy and resilient. So when people look at or choose butcher block counter tops, sometimes we worry that they aren't aware of what these counter tops require. This article will pinpoint some of the drawbacks and benefits of butcher block counter tops, so you can make a well educated decision about your counter top material.

The first thing anyone considering a butcher block counter top should know, is that they are high maintenance! You will want to oil your butcher block regularly. When first installed it should be oiled as frequently as every day, as the butcher block sits it will require less oiling, but you will still want to oil it once a month at the minimum. It is also important to prevent water from sitting on, and knives from cutting/scratching your butcher block. Wood by nature is a "soft" material, so it can be easily dinged and scratched. Another thing to consider it's cleanliness. When not sealed with a coat of poly, wood is a porous material and can allow bacteria to grow. You will want to diligently clean your butcher block to prevent stains, as well as disinfect with a vinegar solution. Finally, you can have some movement and warping of butcher block with weather and humidity changes, as is the nature of all wood.

Now don't go thinking butcher block is all bad, because it definitely has its pros! The main draw of butcher block will always be it's visual appeal. Butcher block is a beautiful counter top choice, that goes well with almost any decor style. While stone can often be quite cold to the touch, butcher block keeps a nice neutral temperature. It is also usually a bit more affordable than stone, and is much easier to cut and install, making it a more DIY friendly material. While your knives may not be a friend to it's appearance, it is easy on knives, and won't dull them as a stone will. Lastly, butcher block, while high maintenance is generally a very long lasting material. It may need to be refinished after a few years, but generally speaking it is common for butcher block counter tops to last 20+ years.

Now begs the title question, is butcher block right for YOUR kitchen? If you don't mind a little upkeep, and LOVE the look of butcher block than absolutely! However, if the word maintenance sends you running, you may want to consider another option. There are actually some really beautiful new laminates out that look so much like butcher block, you would probably be surprised to find out they are not! We would be happy to show you either option any time. Hope this helps you make at least one big kitchen decision!


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