Quartz in the bathroom?

If you have read anything from us with in the past couple years, you know we are big proprietors of quartz counter tops. We feel that they require much less upkeep than granite and are just as beautiful and resilient.

That being said, we have a lot of clients who come in asking for quartz bathroom vanity tops. The problem with quartz vanity tops is they are not usually very cost effective. We have yet to find a manufacturer that produces pre fabricated vanity tops like we are able to get in granite. In order to create a quartz vanity top we have to order and cut down a whole slab of quartz. 2cm material can be a little easier on the pocket book, but we still find that by the time we cut down and fabricate a piece of quartz it usually runs no less than $1000 for a top without sinks. While our pre fabricated granite tops start as low as $209 and include a sink as well as backsplash.

The one instance in which it might actually be cost effective to incorporate quartz in the bathroom is when a kitchen is being installed and there is left over materials. In this case the only extra expense would be the cost of fabricating the bathroom tops.

So, while we love the durability of a quartz counter top, in the bathroom we often suggest the convenience of a granite pre fabricated top. The best part is we have these tops in stock and ready to go today in 11 different color options. Just remember to keep some sealant handy (we recommend 511 impregnator) and these tops will stay beautiful for years to come.


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