Anyone who uses their kitchen a lot knows that counter tops are a big deal. Not only does one need to consider the amount of space to prepare food, but the type of surface to prepare on, is equally important. Todays market boasts a large variety of different materials, and, although more expensive, stone surfaces have reigned in recent years as one of the most popular options. This is due in large part to the fact that they are a durable product that can withstand heat and cutting with ease. For the most part Granite counter tops took up a large part of the market and were revered as the “go to” counter top for newer homes and remodels. However, recently a new contender, called quartz, has come on the market.
The first thing to understand is when trying to decide between these two options is what they actually are. Granite is 100% natural stone that is cut out of the earth and sliced into slabs which are then polished. Quartz, on the other hand, is made up of 97% natural stone which is crushed and then combined with 3% polymers and resins to create a solid surface which is then cut into slabs.

Both products are exceptionally strong and hold up to heat and sharp objects, almost equally well. Being as granite is naturally created under extreme temperatures and pressure, it may hold up marginally better to extreme temperatures than quartz. However, what granite may gain in heat resistance, it lacks in ease of maintenance. As a natural stone, granite has a porous surface with inconsistent veining throughout. While this quality is often sought after for it’s visual appeal, this also means granite must be sealed upon installation and once a year, to ensure no stains occur. Quartz, however, is a consistently solid surface, therefore does not require any sealants or annual maintenance. This also makes it much more stain resistant than it’s counterpart.

For us, this simple fact places quartz head and shoulders above granite. A couple more perks to the quartz are the fact that it can be created in almost any color, and it can be created with remnant and waste stone product which makes it a tad more environmentally kind. For someone who has their heart set on the look of natural stone we are happy to provide you with a variety of beautiful granite, but for those looking for a durable, fuss free, stain free countertop we would definitely suggest considering quartz as your option.


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