Replacing cabinets- where to start

When home owners get ready to replace cabinets, it may seem logical to measure the sizes of the existing cabinets. While this MAY work on occasion, it is usually not the most effective way to work for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, depending on when the cabinets were manufactured, the industry standard sizes may have changed. This means the sizes that are existing will not correlate to the new cabinet sizes and it is likely all of the sizes will need to be changed. If the existing kitchen has custom cabinetry, and the homeowner wants pre-manufactured cabinets instead, the sizes will not often be the same, presenting the same issue. Additionally, when a home owner is looking for options that are in stock (usually the most cost effective option) the sizes available may be limited. Being able to be flexible with the specific cabinet sizes allows for more options. Finally, homeowners may not always realize how much the function of their kitchen could be improved by a few simple changes to the layout of their kitchen.

This may leave you asking, then were do I start? The answer is simpler than you might think. The best place to start taking measurements in your kitchen is simply the walls. Measuring the walls that the cabinets will be on allows the designer you are working with to start from square one and build you the best kitchen possible. After all it is their job to maximize the effective use of space! If there are things you love about the existing kitchen, or if you love all of it, you are welcome to add in the sizes of what you currently have after taking the overall measurements. This allows the designer to work with what you like while still being able to offer you cost effective options and give insightful suggestions. On top of the wall measurements there are a few vital things you will want to include in your measurements listed below:

Again- all wall measurements that hold cabinets or are vital to the space

Any windows- measure the distance from each wall as well as the size of the window

Ceiling height (this will determine how tall the cabinets can be)

Any obstacles such as doors, pillars ect

Remember to keep in mind outlets, or trim that may inhibit cabinet placement

Where appliances are- this is especially important if it is not in the budget to move plumbing, electrical, ect. (remember to include the center of the sink)

Measuring all of these things will have you well on your way to planning a successful kitchen (or bathroom) with your supplier of choice (hopefully that's us at Builders Bargains!). After this point it can be beneficial to schedule a time with the designer to go over the measurements and your ideas for the space.

If this all seems much too overwhelming for you, don't fret. Most places offer measurement services. Here at Builders Bargains we charge a measure fee, this cost is rolled back into your purchase price if you purchase through us. This can simplify things significantly for a home owner, it also places all the responsibility for correct measurements (believe me it's important!) on the company instead of yourself. It also eliminates the need to come in and talk about the measurements and ideas as this can all be done in the comfort of your own home. This also allows you to be where you can see and remember all the little details of your home and what you love and don't love about the space.

We hope this helps, happy planning!


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