What came first the flooring or the cabinets?

Well, the odds are, if you worked with us, the cabinets came first! It's actually a question we address a lot. Homeowners may often wonder which of these items they need to start with, or may be confused about it. Let us explain a little bit more about why and how this works.

There are a couple reason's it is best to put flooring in after the cabinets are set. Firstly, cabinets and counter tops are heavy, the pressure that cabinets and counter tops put on the flooring will often not only ruin the flooring, but void the warranty of said flooring. Secondly, almost no home will have a totally level floor (especially in Alaska, hello permafrost). In order to make the cabinets and counter tops level, installers use shims underneath the cabinets. These are small pieces of wood that prop up one end or the other of the cabinet. Shims can potentially be covered with toe kick and other trim pieces, but installing flooring after the cabinets often eliminates the need for any of these as the flooring can cover them instead.

That being said there are some exceptions to the rule. If you are using a sheet vinyl it is perfectly acceptable to install it before your cabinets, and it can be a little easier as you will not have to cut around the cabinets. Just keep in mind that when using sheet vinyl you will likely need more trim pieces to cover shims under the cabinets.

So there you have it, the answer to the age old question. The cabinets came first.... usually.


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