Anyone who has purchased cabinets from us knows that our cabinets are RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets or, in other words, they come unassembled. However, some may not know WHY we get our cabinets this way. There are several different benefits of getting an RTA cabinet, especially when you live in Alaska.

Alaskans are all too aware of the expense of shipping goods to Alaska. We know that, in order to live in this beautiful place, we are going to end up spending more on almost everything we purchase. Many of the larger stores don’t take shipping into consideration when they order their cabinets in Alaska, hence they ship them assembled just like they would to the continental U.S. Why does this make a difference you ask? Well, take a base 18″ cabinet (a.k.a. B18) for example, standardly this cabinet is 18″ wide by 25″ deep and 34.5″ tall. Broken down into an RTA cabinet this same cabinet can fit in a box that is 4″ tall by 24″ wide and 36″ long. Essentially you can get the same cabinet in a 1/4 of the space. After all, who wants to spend more money just for shipping if you don’t have to?!


This not only allows us to get the cabinets here at a better price, it also ensures much less damage to the cabinets in shipping. When a cabinet is shipped assembled there is a significant amount of dead space on the interior (you know all that space your going to put your things in!) this means that it has much less support and stability on the sides to withstand any banging, moving and pressing that is inevitably going to be happening in the truck or ship all the way to Alaska. The last thing you want after waiting 3-4 weeks for your new cabinets is to find out you have to wait even longer because one or several of them are damaged! Now we can’t guarantee that NONE of our cabinets will ever come damaged, that’s just the nature of the beast, but we can say we have FAR less issues with this when we order RTA cabinets as opposed to assembled.

On the subject of those trucks and ships, and banging and moving, when a cabinet that is already assembled is on said transportation you can imagine the amount of stress your cabinets are going through. All of the joints and edges are coming to you after enduring a lot of movement. A cabinet that is unassembled does not withstand any extra stress during this process as the pieces are not already put together. So, even if an assembled cabinet does not come damaged, it is still inevitably going to be in worse shape structurally than an RTA cabinet.
The structural integrity of our cabinets is also enhanced by the fact that we only order and carry cabinets with plywood construction (or plywood carcasses). Not only does plywood hold up better over time, it is actually lighter than particle board. Again, allowing for less money in shipping, and better prices for you, our customers.
Lastly, and possibly most importantly, ordering RTA cabinets allows us to give you quality cabinets for a much better price. This is not only due to the money saved on shipping them, but also the fact that there is no time in assembly at the factory. We have the option to assemble cabinets for an additional fee, however we also sell them unassembled for the person on a budget. This allows us to get cabinets to people in every price point and skill level!


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